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Music to the Ears and Gifts Galore – Find Authentic Items at Magaza Sarajevo

Contributor: Lisa Stewart


Imagine this: You find yourself wrapping up a visit to Sarajevo, and you have a few people left on your gift list…time is slipping by! But there is a place where you're sure to find plenty of unique items that are light enough for your suitcase, yet still big on fun! And, even if you purchase your gift on site, Magaza is more than happy to take care of local, national and international deliveries for you.


Magaza Sarajevo is the spot in town if you’re looking for music or music-themed gifts, souvenirs, corporate gifts, anniversary presents, Valentine’s Day gifts…, and this specialty shop also offers an exclusive collection of items that take their inspiration from Dino Merlin songs. This Sarajevo singer-songwriter thrills audiences at home and abroad, and now these specially designed items make it easy for Dino’s fans, Sarajevo visitors and lucky gift recipients to enjoy these authentic products!


Many items feature colorful motifs that not only promote Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo and Mostar, but also include some of Dino’s most popular lyrics and song titles. Here are four that feature prominently on Magaza merchandise:



Countless combinations!

What’s great about Magaza’s Dino Merlin merchandise is that you can mix ‘n’ match these popular song titles, depending on the items that are available. So, for example, you could get a “Bosnom behar probeharao” journal, a “Moj Mostar” t-shirt, a “Sarajevo, divno mjesto, lijepo gizdavo” umbrella, or a “Je l' Sarajevo gdje je nekad bilo” decorative cushion.


So, without further ado, here are seven great ideas to get you going!


1. Classy and fun (and easy to pack more than one!)

If you’re looking for some fun and practical items, be sure to check out Magaza’s collection of colorful magnets, pencils, journals, phone cases, keychains, notebooks….










2. Cute wearables for all ages


Magaza’s T-shirt lines are available in sizes that fit babies, youngsters and adults, so everyone can enjoy sharing these musical messages!


3. Eco-friendly and retro!


If you're familiar with the three Rs (Reduce--Reuse--Recycle), and you try to apply them in your daily life, then you'll appreciate this plastic holder made from Dino Merlin cassette tapes. This unique, repurposed item (another “R”!) is versatile enough to be used as a pencil holder, a flower pot, a catch-all for little odds and ends....



4. Music-themed fun for a day out…

Whether you’re heading out for a full day in town, running errands, or making a break in your favorite green space, Magaza has got you covered! Their umbrellas (for rain or sun!), tote bags and light rucksacks are both durable and practical.


5. Dino Merlin’s concerts and albums


At Magaza, it’s easy to get your copy of Dino’s hit albums and recordings of some of his major concerts, which are available on CDs, Blu-ray Discs or DVDs.






6. Sebilj-inspired goodies!


If you're searching for something that is uniquely Sarajevan, look no further! Magaza has chosen an original Sebilj-inspired motif for its “Sarajevo, divno mjesto, lijepo gizdavo” line.







This whimsical design is patterned after the iconic Sarajevo landmark – Sebilj (a kiosk-shaped water fountain located on Pigeon Square in Baščaršija, between the tram stop and the lovely Baščaršija Mosque).


7.…and these will help bring a tune to mind over tea or coffee!


There’s nothing nicer than a cup of your favorite warm beverage, and these colorful mugs will be the perfect addition to anyone’s collection!





Gift packs

If you’re beginning to feel a bit spoiled for choice, some of the items within these merchandise lines come as terrific gift packs, which are perfect for birthdays! The mix ‘n’ match option is available for certain gift packs, and the Magaza staff will be more than happy to assist you. The “Je l' Sarajevo gdje je nekad bilo” set includes the following items:

  • a decorative cushion
  • a USB stick (16 GB) with Dino Merlin’s signature printed on it
  • a mug
  • a notebook (A5)
  • a postcard
  • a surprise gift 😊

NOTE: When ordering, please inquire about the “Magaza Recommends” collections.


The final touch – greeting cards and gift bags


Whether you decide to go with a gift pack or individual items, it might be a nice touch to include a greeting card. Simply tell the Magaza staff what you would like your message to say, and they'll be happy to oblige! You can also request that items be placed in Magaza gift bags. Made of sturdy black cardstock, these stylish bags can be tied off with special ribbons that feature the Magaza Sarajevo logo or Dino Merlin's signature.


NOTE: The greeting card service is free of charge, but gift bags cost 2.50 KM each.


Something new!

You can contact Magaza to inquire about their gift card options, which are currently in the works.




Dino Merlin merchandise, near and far!

And, if you can’t make it to Baščaršija, these fun gift ideas can be found at other locations in Sarajevo, around BiH and in neighboring countries. See the following link for more information: https://www.dinomerlin.com/prodajna-mjesta.

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